1. Episode 6 | Seda Ohanyan

    2023-01-06 23:14:24 UTC
    Seda Ohanyan Welcome Medz Mama Seda Ohanyan! Granddaughter Mariam Yeghiarzaryan is proud to pay homage to her paternal grandmother as our featured Medz Mama! In this episode, granddaughter Mariam tenderly describes her first memories of her Medz Mama Seda’s garden.  This included eating mulberries which are a favorite in Armenia,…

  2. Episode 5 | Elmon Piligian Mouradian

    2023-01-06 23:12:15 UTC
    Welcome featured Medz Mama, Elmon Piligian Mouradian Granddaughter Talar Keoseyan is proud to pay homage to her maternal grandmother Elmon Piligian Mouradian. In this episode, Granddaughter Talar beautifully describes her grandmother’s resilient, creative and humorous nature. Elmon was born in Yenikhan in Sepastia (Sivas, Turkey).  She became an orphan at…

  3. Episode 4 | Anahit Melkonyan

    2023-01-06 23:08:28 UTC
    Welcome Medz Mama Anahit Melkonyan Granddaughter Sona Melkonyan is proud to pay homage to her paternal grandmother as our featured Medz Mama! Anahit Melkonyan Our Medz Mama Anahit takes us back to her roots in the village of Khoy, (Iran), then Jermuk City, Vayots Dzor, and Yerevan, Armenia.  Her fondest…

  4. Episode 3 | Mariam Mikaelian Adajian

    2023-01-06 23:05:56 UTC
    Welcome featured Medz Mama, Mariam Mikaelian Adajian!   Grandson Mike Adajian is proud to pay homage to his paternal grandmother Mary Adajian. Mary was born in Musa Dagh, Musa Leṛ (Armenian), “Moses Mountain” in the mountainous region near the ancient city of Antioch, which is the Hatay Province on the Mediterranean…

  5. Episode 2 | Anahit Karapetyan

    2023-01-06 22:58:01 UTC

  6. Episode 1 | Esgouhi Hajian

    2023-01-06 22:57:56 UTC
    Granddaughter Anoush Bargamian and great-grandson Sevan, are proud to pay homage to our featured Medz Mama, Esgouhi Hajian! Hello/Parev! This is Anoush Bargamian, and I want to thank you for joining us at The Medz Mamas. So today my son Sevan will ask me some question’s about my grandma, his…

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